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In the blink of an eye, all plastic and polymers destabilize. Few people in the modern world know how to survive as their grandparents did just 100 years earlier. Greg and Trixie Bowman, who are experienced backpackers, use the skills that kept them alive on their many adventures to forge a life in a world without synthetics.

Plastipocalypse, Book II: The Barrens

The adventure continues as Greg travels from Michigan to South Dakota in search of his son.

The Lynching of Billy Sullivan

As a boy, Jeremy Stick watched a man hang, strung up by a lawless mob. Years later, U.S. Army Sergeant Stick struggles to understand what drives normally decent men to defy law and order. He encounters racial hatred on the dusty streets of Nogales, Mexico, and the burning of an entire community known as “The Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

After finally meeting the woman who may be the love of his life, their future together is threatened by an evil force that is beyond their wildest imaginations.

Into the Maelstrom

PAWHUSKA, OKLAHOMA – OSAGE RESERVATION 1922 – Someone is murdering the Osage for their money. As the only tribe in America with mineral rights, Pawhuska is among the richest communities in the country, The government has forced the natives to rely upon conservators to manage their wealth, but banks and others have been stealing and cheating the Indians out of the proceeds from the vast oil income that lies beneath their reservation.

Federal Agent Jacob Scott, along with US Marshal James Clark and their friends Emma Larson and Jefferson Rose, investigate the brutal murders of two wealthy Osage families and embark upon a manhunt for one of the most violent killers to emerge from Oklahoma since the days of Jesse James.

“Cornell’s characters are full of intrigue and mystery, keeping the reader engrossed in the story from start to finish.” – Elizabeth Wheman, Author of The Year the Stars Fell.

Novella (Kindle Vella):

Knife River

After a whirlwind romance and a Las Vegas wedding, Tara finds herself married to the highly successful Jess. They both share a love of the outdoors and soon find themselves on a 300-mile backpacking trip through the wilderness of Northern Minnesota. But the marriage isn’t what Tara expected, and she soon begins to consider ways to eliminate her wealthy husband. Can she get her friend Glen to do the deed? Or will she find the nerve to do it herself?

Short Stories:

The Snow Tunnel, included in Winter in the Mitten Anthology

10-Speed Spring, included in Spring in the Mitten Anthology

The Bicycle Thief, included in Summer in the Mitten Anthology

The Winter Wolf, included in Tales from the Great Lakes Anthology

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